segunda-feira, 27 de dezembro de 2010

afraid to love!

love you too, but I'm going crazy, there are so many things happening together, why love is so hard for people to heed you when everything is perfect, that would be crazy from my head when I love or the world conspires against me, or simplismete I do not know love or do not know if I want, but if I want to stay married to the person Erada but he made me so well, but he was so mad he left without the nous to make my life about love.
love and be loved,
why is not that simple,
want and be wanted
the desire of someone here
match and be matched,
I have nearly so,
just what I need is to be rational,
and love who loves me
and not love who hurts me,
wish I could love you the same
I loved the way that other, perhaps this
is a new way of loving is.

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